Popular American Baby Names in 2013

Popular American Baby Names in 2013


• Adler

• Attyson

• Bastian

• Blayde The extra Y in there makes it 10 percent sharper. And don't fuck with Blayde's brother, Nyfe.

• Chesney

• Draven Please note that if you name your baby Draven, you must dress him up like the Crow at all times.

• Diesel

• Izander "I'd like my son to sound like a shirt. Can you do that?"

• Jaydien That's right. JaydIen. Don't forget that I. That I is what sets young Jaydien apart from the mere Jaydens of the world. Now don't you people who named your kid Jayden feel behind the times? You bought the beta version of that name. It's like buying an iPad too early. Six years from now, the name will have morphed into Jayydizzosoian, and then you'll really feel like a sucker.